POSITIVE IMPACT TV thrives on helping businesses grow organically through visibility and social media client attraction strategies and events.

Our mission is to help coaches, authors, speakers, and course creators, to be known for their authentic voice and style, recognized for their contributions to society, and approached organically by new clients on a consistent basis.

Our platforms combine visibility methods with marketing strategies, utilizing universal engines of social media and the internet to reach a global audience.

Watch This Video To Learn About Facebook Group Marketing

This video focuses on the Facebook communities of OTHERS. How to utilize what others already built to fill your groups, programs, and funnels.

How to Effectively Introduce Yourself To Maximize Visibility

A sample of our Premium Membership Masterclass as a BONUS for you

How to Balance the Triangle of the Online Presence Pillars

An often overlooked foundation essential for business success ONLINE

About Us

Have you met Julz?

Julz Vitality is all about empowering others to grow their businesses organically and confidently, aligned with their purpose and mission, with the location and time freedom as an end goal. She walks the talks, and has been a digital nomad/expat since 2021 helping other achieve their dreams, and free up time for what matters most.

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